Kocaeli University Physical Education and Sports high school, aims to educate more dynamic and modern sports educators in the context of the development of the sport sciences. The content of these programs (Coaching, Physical Education and Sports, Recreation, Sports Management) provides to the students  basic, advanced and high level of education and teaching chance, orient them to the research activities, give them the ability to benefit as soon as possible and effectively of the results.


              Finding, applying and developing related methods to make understanding the importance of sports science in academic and social life, to contribute to eliminate insufficiencies in this area in our country, to awareness of the need of trained personnel, to apprehend the conditions of success required for modernity under universal values and to become professionals.


               With Education, training and research quality being a well-known and first preferred in Turkey and around the world, encouraging team work, owning a participatory and collaborative management, working to solve problems in our country especially in our city and region, being leader providing cooperation in university / industry / community, carrying out effectively  the teaching of undergraduate and graduate education and providing services, respecting universal values, adopting the principles of total quality management, continuously developing; being a high school raising researchers and modern-minded  Physical Education and Sports Teachers, Coaches, Sport and Recreation Leaders.